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Who we are

Hi there!


My name is Mr Billy Lim.


For many students, their approach to Economics is to memorise chunks of school notes (right down to the page numbers and typo errors!) and then regurgitate everything in the exam. In doing so, they perform poorly; only to try even harder and fail even worse. Eventually, discouragement takes its toll and they give up.


BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, you already understand economics! You just don’t know it yet.


What you need to do is untangle the technical definitions & mumbo jumbo, and understand them in simple terms. Once you’ve got that, your exam questions become much easier to handle. That’s what happens here at Triquetra –  a student-based approach to Economics (ie translating all the technical terms into understandable English!) so that you really understand what you already know intuitively. Then, as we go through past year exam papers, you’ll learn the techniques of answering the essay and case study questions successfully, especially under tight time constraints.


After years of seeing my students excel in their A Level Economics, I decided to personally put this approach to the test. In November 2015, I actually sat for the A Level Exam as a private candidate myself! I’m glad to be able to also experience the great sense of fulfilment in securing my very own  ‘A’ Grade.


So Can You!

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